Workshops and Professional Speaking

Our clinicians are available for speaking engagements on numerous clinical, educational and business topics. Below are examples of workshops that we have provided:


  • Navigating the Loss of a Parent to Chronic Illness
  • Healthy Sexual Development
  • Teens and Violence
  • Teaching Children and Teens about Money
  • Mind, Body and the Weight Struggle
  • Overcoming Overeating for Kids and Adults
  • Conflict Management and Resolution

Children and Education

  • Turning Learning Differences into Strengths
  • Helping Kids Help Themselves: Turning Negative Behaviors into Positive Behaviors
  • Parenting Difficult Teenagers Effectively
  • Helping Kids With Change
  • How To Help Your Kids During A Divorce
  • Collaborative Learning with Children
  • Enhancing Leadership Skills in Young Adults and Adolescents


  • Dealing With Difficult People in the Workplace
  • Young Talent RPM: The Fast Track to Retaining, Promoting and Motivating Young Talent
  • Starting Your Own Business
  • Leadership Development for Generation Y students
  • Generational Matters: Creating a Seamless Generational Mix in Your Workplace
  • Crisis Leadership

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