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6 Ways to Prevent Your Child From Acting Entitled

1.     Clarify with your children the difference between basic expectations and situational rewards.
2.     Make clear what chores need to be done daily as part of their routine. I.e.: make bed; put clothes in hamper, dishes in sink.  Create a poster in a shared space that lists family expectations. Remind the kids everyone plays an important role […]

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1.the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity.
2.ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy.
Fostering Resilience Throughout Our Lifetime
positive beliefs in your abilities. Remind yourself of your strengths.
Free write a list
Verbalize aloud
Ask friends and family what they see as […]

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Loss of a Loved One

Loosing a Loved One
Loss of a loved one can happen in different ways, e.g., break up of a relationship, someone moves far away.  The most
devastating is through death.  When someone you’re close with dies, it could feel like your whole world crashing in. Constant feelings of sadness, loss, loneliness, despair, and anger are often […]

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Listen – It’s good for your relationship

Rewarding Relationships
Relationships can be extremely rewarding.  They can also be a source of stress especially when you don’t feel understood or that your opinion matters.  Communication is an important aspect of a
rewarding relationship.  Listening is essential to effective communication.

Listening is a Skill
Listening is an important skill to learn.  Take a moment and think about […]

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Adolescence – How to respond Part II

Adolescence can be an exciting and
challenging time for the entire family.
How you parent a teen is different from how you were parenting.  Though the teen years may be filled with
arguing and wondering, “what happened to my kid and when will she be
back?”  You can cultivate a healthy and
rewarding relationship with your teen.
Keep the following […]

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Booklist for Children Who Suffer From Medical Problems (K-3)

This reading list was created by Hilary Katz, MSW, LSW, specially for children dealing with medical problems, with an emphasis on intestinal issues. Both children and parents can develop a greater understanding of the child’s issues and learn how to cope.

Clouds and Clocks A Story For Children Who Soil
by Matthew Galvin, MD and […]

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Recommended Booklist for Children dealing with Divorce/Separation

Parents want to understand how to support their child through a divorce or separation. Hilary Katz, MSW, LSW, put together this list of recommended reading for parents to help them relate to and understand their children through this difficult time.

What in the World Do You Do when Your Parents Divorce?: A Survival Guide for […]

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Booklist for Aspergers Children (K-3rd grade)

Kids with Aspergers can understand that they’re different from other children. As parents you want to help your child understand this in a positive way. Hilary Katz, MSW, LSW. put together this list of recommended kids’ books to help parents support their children.


The Grouchies
by Debbie Wagenbach

Proud Of Our Feelings
by Lindsay Leghorn

When My […]

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Setting Boundaries with your Kids: How and Why


In a family system, there are three primary relationships:  The couple, the parent-child, and the sibling relationship.  Having appropriate and healthy boundaries within these relationships is imperative, especially when it comes to the parent-child relationship, and that can mean the difference between healthy development and problematic developmental experiences.  


Appropriate boundaries provide kids with structure […]

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Black and White Thinking

Your View on the World
How do you see your world?  Do you see things as right or wrong, good or bad, all or nothing?  This type of thinking is known as “dichotomous” or “black and white thinking”.

Black and white thinking leaves you viewing your world in mandates:  

“I must be perfect or else.” […]

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