Psychologists for Workshops, Seminars, and Professional Speaking Events

Our clinicians are available for speaking engagements on numerous clinical, business, educational and forensic topics. Below are examples of workshops that we have provided:


  • Navigating the Loss of a Parent to Chronic Illness
  • Healthy Sexual Development
  • Teens and Violence
  • Teaching Children and Teens about Money
  • Mind, Body and the Weight Struggle
  • Overcoming Overeating for Kids and Adults
  • Conflict Management and Resolution

Children and Education

  • Turning Learning Differences into Strengths
  • Helping Kids Help Themselves: Turning Negative Behaviors into Positive Behaviors
  • Parenting Difficult Teenagers Effectively
  • Helping Kids With Change
  • How To Help Your Kids During A Divorce
  • Collaborative Learning with Children


  • Understanding Juvenile Sexual Abuse
  • Adult Sexual Offenders: Treatment, Assessment, and the Law
  • Child Sexual Abuse


  • Dealing With Difficult People in the Workplace
  • Young Talent RPM: The Fast Track to Retaining, Promoting and Motivating Young Talent
  • Starting Your Own Business
  • Generational Matters: Creating a Seamless Generational Mix in Your Workplace
  • Crisis Leadership

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Schedule A Custom Workshop or Training

To find out more about customizing a workshop or training for your organization, please contact us at (267) 861-3685, option 1.