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Equilibria Psychological Services

Equilibria Psychological and Consultation Services is conveniently located in Philadelphia. We provide a variety of therapy, counseling and assessment services to the greater Philadelphia areas.

Equilibria's Approach to Treating Adults & Couples
Our therapists, psychotherapists and psychologists utilize an integrated, strength based treatment model to address each individual’s set of unique issues. Our team of therapists pull from cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, systems-focused, and insight oriented approaches to design effective treatment, consultation and assessment strategies. It is our firm belief that psychological treatment must be flexible and tailored in order to achieve symptom relief and increased self understanding. 
Equilibria's Approach to Treating Children & Teens
Our child and teen therapists help children and teens establish and develop a sense of comfort and peace with who they are. We offer a wide range of therapy, assessment and evaluation services to meet the various needs that your child/teen may have, whether they are behavioral problems, social problems, emotional issues, learning challenges, or more complex mental health issues.

We provide a safe, fun, and active environment aimed at empowering children. Utilizing researched techniques and strategies in behavioral management, cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy and creative arts therapy, our child psychologists, certified school psychologists, and child therapists are skilled at making the process of therapy a fun and life enhancing experience.

Equilibria's Mission
Equilibria Psychological and Consultation Services’ mission is to help individuals achieve their personal potential and long term growth by compassionately and respectfully helping clients live in balance. 

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PHILADELPHIA 525 South 4th Street, Suite 471 Philadelphia, PA

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